Zero Waste: is it impossible?

Archeologists and anthropologists define past human eras by the material they use most; a useful way of categorising - for humans, the way we use and make tools separate us from other animals and greatly shape our lives. The bronze age, the iron age, the stone age: each era getting slowly more sophisticated and safer. … Continue reading Zero Waste: is it impossible?


A change of direction

One of the many disadvantages of entering Honour's years at University is that - due to me having a deadline every week and a half - I have very little time to travel. Which is a bit of an issue when you are trying to run a travel blog! In an attempt to keep writing … Continue reading A change of direction

Saint-Emilion: wine country

In amongst the vineyard covered hills of Bordeaux’s countryside, nestled in between chateaus and charming farmland, is the UNESCO world heritage site, the quiet town of Saint-Emilion. Made rich by the miles and miles of world-quality vineyards surrounding it, this hill-top town is extremely clean, well kept and beautiful, signaling it’s inhabitants wealth and prosperity … Continue reading Saint-Emilion: wine country