Health in Mind: Edinburgh’s local mental health charity

Health in Mind is a charity focussing on promoting positive mental health and wellbeing throughout Edinburgh’s residents. Founded in 1982, the charity started by taking over flats for ex-patients of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital; since then, they have grown to run a variety of projects in and around Edinburgh. Health in Mind run a large variety of services, from supporting minority communities with their widening access programme to trauma counselling – and with around 120 members of staff and around 150 volunteers, it seems unsurprising that the charity has received the Investing in Volunteers award three times. With over 18 separate projects in Midlothian alone, this charity is a brilliant way to get involved with supporting mental health initiatives. Below, we list the different types of support that Health in Mind offer, how you can get involved and different ways in which you can support them.

Statistics show that 7.8% of people in the UK suffer from mixed depression and anxiety, making it the most prevalent mental health issue in the UK. Health in Mind aims to support the many living with this condition through Depression and Anxiety support groups for any adults affected by low mood, depression, stress or anxiety. This support group offers contact with others in similar situations, confidential local support, and a variety of techniques to manage depression day to day. For those who would like to self-manage their anxiety and depression, Health in Mind also run an 8-week programme called Moving Forward, focussing on self-management by creating a safe and supported environment in which they can encourage a proactive attitude towards recovery and wellness.

Suicide is the most common form of death in men aged 24-49 in the U.K. The men’s Suicide, Harm, Awareness, Recovery & Empathy (SHARE) project in Midlothian aims to provide men with a safe space in which they can get social and emotional support. The project consists of drop in sessions running on Mondays and Thursday’s, and five aside football on a Monday afternoon, with the opportunity for 1:1 support if it is needed.

This project started as a pilot project, and is now showing evidence that the benefits of this project are great enough to be replicated across Scotland.

Health in Mind also offers counselling for people in and around Edinburgh. Support is offered free of charge to adult survivors of childhood sexual and general abuse, and the Craigmillar programme offers counselling to anyone in need of emotional support living in Craigmillar. Resolve Scotland, their fee-paying counselling (profits from which go back into supporting Health in Mind’s initiatives) works with individuals on anything they need support with, as well as supporting corporations in how they look after their employee’s mental health.

If you feel like supporting a charity like Health in Mind is something you would like to do, there are many ways you can get involved; aside from donating, if you can spare a few hours a week then you can help as a volunteer. Volunteering opportunities vary, from working in a more administrative role, assisting with fundraising and IT skills to becoming one of Health in Mind’s befrienders. Health in Mind’s befriending re:discover scheme focuses on people who are feeling isolated due to mental health problems; volunteers work with an individual to build self-confidence, provide them with more opportunities for social contact and support them with building relationships with others. Each re:discover relationship lasts for 6 months, but can be extended to a year on request. If you want to find out more about volunteering with Health in Mind, follow this link:

Aside from volunteering, a more short-term, and extremely worthwhile form of support would be to fundraise for Health in Mind, who run challenges throughout the year for people to get involved in, including marathon running and abseiling from the Forth Rail bridge. Click here to join in on a fundraising challenge:


If you would like to donate to Health in Mind, please follow this link:


Statistics from:


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