Phone cases are essential to modern-day life; as I most definitely know, a phone’s screen and outer body is extremely fragile! And, like most things today, they are usually made out of plastic. Does being zero-waste therefore mean foregoing a phone case altogether, and risking an expensive replacement bill?

Enter Pela Case: the up-and-coming Canada-based company, offering an ethical and sustainable alternative to the cheap and short-life plastic alternatives.

Pela Case’s are made out of Flaxstic, which contains a starch-based polymer, recycled materials and Flax straw, to add strength. This means that the case is fully compostable.

That’s right! Instead of throwing away your old phone case when you get a new phone, you can compost the case, and it break down into water, biomass, and Carbon Dioxide at the same rate as plant matter!


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I bought this case back in September; it arrived on time from Canada, and I got frequent updates on its progress from their customer support team. The case arrives in minimal, plain, cardboard packaging, with a small, handwritten note from their a customer service manager. The case itself, is phenomenal; I have dropped my phone on several occasions onto concrete, and it has quite literally bounced. The case wraps around the outer edge of the screen, meaning that it, too is protected against most impacts. This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best case I have ever bought – plastic or no plastic!



Pela is a part of the 1% for the Planet program; this means that at least 1% of their profits to non-profit environmental groups. Not only this, but when you buy a case, you will be given a $5 gift code for your friends to use. As well as your friends getting $5 their purchase, Pela will also donate $3 to the NGO of your choice. The partner NGO’s include:

As well as their participation in the Pay it Forward program, Pela also manufacture all of their products in Canada, where they are based, limiting Carbon Emissions due to shipping, and employing local people, all paid a fair wage.


One of the problems with bioplastics or compostable plastics is that, although they can be composted, some councils don’t yet accept them as standard. They can be home composted as well, but what if this is not an option for you?

Pela, in response to this, have released a scheme in which you can send your case back to their factory for recycling, and receive 20% off your next purchase as a thank you.


Pela manufactures cases for all current iPhones, and the Samsung Galaxy 7. Although their android selection is so far extremely limited, they do have an option to sign up to receive alerts about when a case may be available for your handset.

If this has convinced you that there is finally an ethical and sustainable alternative to plastic cases, I have my own discount code which you can use to gain $5 off your purchase. Pela will donate $3 of this to Amnesty International if you do!

To get this discount, click here:


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