Adventure Base Camp: Kithugala jungle Accommodation and Restaurant review

The accommodation at the adventure base camp is basic at best; in the cheapest rooms, which I was staying in, there are around 5 double beds to a room, making it ideal for larger groups on a budget.

Each room has an ensuite bathroom, and one ceiling fan in the centre of the ceiling. Each bed comes with a mosquito net, pillows, sheets, but no covers; if you like sleeping under covers, it would be wise to bring your own. However, with the almost oppressive heat of the jungle, a covering sheet is not necessary.

The beds, due to the humid climate, are almost constantly damp; while this can be uncomfortable, you quickly get used to it – and after an action packed day of white water rafting, I was so tired i hardly minded.

While the sleeping accommodation is admittedly lacking, the views from Adventure Base camp are lovely, and can attempt to make up for the damp bedding. There are different levels of accommodation, and this was the cheapest option. For booking with the Adventure Base Camp, visit their website here – you will have to email them to negotiate rates and adventure sports packages.

As for the food – it was basic, Sri Lankan traditional food, and was absolutely delicious! We were given a variety of curries during our stay, as well as ice cream and fruit for dessert, and tea and coffee. As is the case in most of Sri Lanka, the milk was made from powder, and so was warm. A little goes a long way in this case! The vegetarian options were sometimes lacking, and as there was no choice in what was served to you, it can unfortunately hardly be called a restaurant. However, the food was still delicious and did the job!

From the restaurant, one can take the winding steps down to the river bed, where you are greeted with a fast flowing river, cutting through the high peaks of the densely packed jungle that surround it.

A calmer pool has been sectioned off by rocks at the edge of the river and is ideal for a beautiful cool-off in the midday Sri Lankan sun.img_0619


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