Kithulgala Jungle

– Sri Lanka’s answer to adventure sports

The journey from Colombo to Kithugala is an extremely beautiful one if a little bumpy in places. As you gain ground further from Colombo, the open, grey highways transform into narrower, winding roads; where the landscape was once flat, the roads now weave themselves among high, tree covered peaks. The green hills vary, from ordered fields of crops, nestling precariously on the slanting hillside to dense carpets of dark, luscious jungle. At points, valleys between the hills give way to rivers, pure and turquoise in colour.

As for the timings, the journey takes around three and a half hours from Colombo by minibus, which can be hired Sri Lankan Tours ( They are a bit pricey for long periods and smaller groups of people but are ideal for weekend excursions and larger groups.

Kithulgala is essentially the adventure sports capital of Sri Lanka; both Sri Lankan nationals and tourists come here to enjoy the plethora of activities on offer.

Personally, I partook in white water rafting (level 3), rock sliding and cliff jumping during my stay at the Adventure Base Camp.

Stay tuned for reviews of my accommodation and descriptions of my white water rafting, rock sliding and cliff jumping experiences!


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